This Collection will allow you to regain your confidence, with the knowledge that your wig is securely
anchored to your head. By incorporating a very special material called "artificial skin", these wigs are
lightweight and comfortable.  No petroleum products are used, which makes them non-allergenic. The
wig naturally adheres to your scalp via strategically placed strips around the interior of the cap, which
use the heat of your body instead of glue or tape.

These wigs can be worn by everyone, but the adhering works best when the hairs are less than 2" in

These wigs are designed with natural hairlines; some also feature monofilament tops. Monofilament
means that each hair or fiber is hand tied into an ultra fine sheer mesh base. When looking down into a
monofilament top, the hair appears to be growing out of the scalp. Monofilament wigs can be styled in
any direction you desire, providing the styling versatility of real hair ... the ultimate way to look and feel
your best every day!
by Alan Thomas

Please note...for your convenience any other wig style shown on
our website can have this "Dermafix" material added.